Do you know where your food really comes from?

Do you know where your food really comes from? OurHarvest is helping New Yorker's become BFFs with their Farmers!

OurHarvest model disrupts the current, conventional food retail system, where food travels long distances and sits on a shelf or in a warehouse until it is eventually sold. Most produce loses 30% of its nutrients only three days after harvest! OurHarvest offers door to door delivery in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and also offers convenient community pick up locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island. They source from small, local family farms who use sustainable and responsible growing practices. ~98% of our products come from within 250 miles, with the majority from much closer (e.g. Long Island farms, Brooklyn-based artisanal producers, etc.)


What I absolutely LOVE about the company is that from a customer perspective your orders are placed the same way as with any online retailer; however, unlike any other online food retailer, once an order is placed, the OurHarvest team then travels to the local farms to source the ordered items, which you receive sometimes only hours after it was harvested (INSANE)!!!!  This sourcing model enables them to actually serve farm fresh fare at a price point that is fair to everyone along the supply chain.

Additionally for every order placed over $25, @OurHarvest donates a meal to a local food bank or pantry in your community. To date, they have donated ~ 15,000 meals!!!

Here is a look into what they offer: 

  • Organic seasonal produce:  Produce from small family farms in the tri-state area.  All farms use sustainable growing methods – their goal is to pass the farm down to future generations, and as such, they would never do anything to degrade the land.  Many of the farmers use organic growing practices – some going above and beyond organic growing methods.
  • Premium grass-fed meats: OurHarvest takes a whole animal and can trace every step in that animal’s lifecycle. It is broken down and dry aged to our specs. Their ground beef is 100% from the same animal (opposed to the ground beef you will find in conventional grocery stores, which is often comprised of many different animals, with zero traceability)
  • Pasture-raised poultry and dairy products: Fresh, all natural, free range; dairy with no hormones or antibiotics
  • Never-frozen, sustainably-caught fish that is cut every day
  • Clean-label pantry items: No additives, preservatives, ingredients that you cannot pronounce or recognize  

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