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MTHR Nutrition

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Preconception/ Prenatal/ Postpartum 



Upcoming Events


Gugu Guru Prenatal Nutrition Instagram Event
March 15th, 2018

Join me on March 15th at 9pm as I host an instagram live event where I discuss nutrition tips for breastfeeding and postpartum nutrition. 

Uplift Studio NYC
March 14, 2018

Join me at Uplift Studio for a very special “Ladies Night In” where we will talk about some of the myths and misconceptions behind proper nutrition for women who are thinking about becoming pregnant, are currently pregnant, or just gave birth.

BIG City Moms NYC
April 12, 2018

The Biggest Baby Shower Ever is the country’s largest and original event series for expecting and new parents. Don’t miss out on testing the latest gear, learning from the experts, meeting other new and soon-to-be parents in your area, and going home with the latest products on the market.


Eat Consciously 

This means put down the phone, turn off the tv,and sit down.  When we mentally focus on our meals we allow ourselves to connect with our bodies--we are less likely to overeat, we feel more satisfied and we find more enjoyment.   


Eat for you

Your are unique and your diet should be too! What foods work for others might not work for you. We use your DNA to develop a nutrition program precisely to meet your individual needs and help you be the best possible version of yourself. 


Eat Nutrient Dense 

Its the nutrients we count, not the calories. Pregnancy is a time for increased nutrient needs, therefore we help you choose the right foods to add to your diet to ensure both you and your baby receive everything you need for a healthy life.


Eat Organic 

Whatever an expecting mom eats will be shared with her baby, as well as through her breast milk after delivery.  For those who don’t typically eat organic, pregnancy offers an opportunity for women to turn towards organic foods and a commitment to a healthier diet and lifestyle choices.