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Fertility Jumpstart: Day One!

Today’s video focuses on setting goals that you will work on for the remainder of the challenge (and after)! Without goals you lack focus and direction. Goal setting allows you to take control of your life’s direction and ensure you are making progress in the areas of your life that are important to you! Watch today’s video to learn more about how to set SMART goals so you can reach your ideal life!

Get SMART about your fertility goals!

Smart is an acronym for:

-Specific: your goal must be clear and well defined. Example “Eat healthier” is not a specific goal. Healthy is a subjective term, so what does “eat healthy"  really mean???

-Measurable: your goal must include precise amounts, dates, etc so you can measure your degree of success. Example: “I’m going to exercise more” is not a quantifiable goal. What types of exercise? How long will you exercise? How many days are you going to exercise?

-Attainable: your goal must be possible to achieve. Example: “Eat only broccoli for lunch” obviously that is unrealistic (not to mention unhealthy). Setting goals that are unrealistic only decreases your self confidence when you don’t achieve them.

-Relevant: your goal should be relevant to the area you want to focus on. Example: “Be more outgoing” while this is a great goal it doesn’t necessarily pertain to changing your diet.

-Time Bound: Your goal must have a deadline. Example: "I will eat 2 cups of vegetables at lunch for the next 2 weeks." Working with a deadline will help to increase your sense of urgency and likelihood you will be successful in reaching your goal.

Ready to set some #goals? Write down 3 goals in today’s workbook page…don’t forget to make them SMART!