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Prepare for success by watching today’s video and learn my top 3 tips to help you crush my fertility challenge!

Here are some additional tips to Make you a meal Prep Pro!

  • Always roast veggies and protein on parchment paper. Parchment paper is better than tin foil because it won’t increase your exposure to metal. It also helps make for a mess free meal, which saves you major clean up time!

  • Use 100% oil spray. I love using oil spray to help to reduce the amount of oil I use when I am cooking. Minimal oil also is great for meal prep because it will keep the veggies from getting soggy when you reheat them. I love using avocado oil or coconut oil for roasting veggies. Both oils have a high smoke point, so you can use a higher temperature to roast the veggies and spend less time cooking. Look for brands that contain 100% oil and no propellants or additives. I like Chosen Food or Trader Joe's brand.

  • Always have veggies on hand. Pre-slice veggies and store in a glass tupperware or mason jar filled with water. Buy frozen vegetables that you can quickly prepare and add to your meal if needed.

  • Pre-plan your snacks. Prepping your snacks is just as important as prepping your meals. Snacking is where many of my clients fall off track. Without planning ahead, you are more likely to reach for that 3pm cookie or bag of pretzels.